Our History

Our History

Tabacalera: 400 years of History


Our story is the story of cigars. It starts in 1492 when explorers crossed the Atlantic and discovered tobacco in America. But it wasn’t until 1636 that the future Tabacalera Company came into being in Spain. From these deep roots, Tabacalera USA unites the essence of history, farming, manufacturing and marketing excellence, reflecting the very best of tradition and expertise.

  • 2017 1636

    The embryo of Tabacalera – the oldest tobacco company in the world – is created

  • 2017 1758

    The Royal Tobacco Factory of Sevilla opens

  • 2017 1887

    Compañía Arrendataria de Tabacos, previous name of Tabacalera is founded

  • 2017 1945

    Tabacalera S.A. is formed

  • 2017 2000

    Tabacalera S.A. and Seita merger creates Altadis

  • 2017 2013

    Imperial Tobacco Group, after the Altadis acquisition in 2008, restores the name Tabacalera for its Premium Cigar Division

  • 2017 2015

    Tabacalera USA is created